HKM Pony Dream Saddle Pad
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Pony Dream Saddle Pad
Pony Dream saddle pad is characterized by the cute motif of the two ponies with flowers, hearts, rainbows and stars, which runs through the entire Pony Dream collection. Particularly beautiful is the reduced wavy quilting and the shiny fabric quality. The circumferential biese in contrasting color forms the optical frame. Saddle and belt straps are equipped with practical Velcro and show the Pony Dream lettering with a small heart on one side. The saddle rack is anatomically shaped and adapted to the back line of the Shetland pony or pony. The foam and cotton wool filling ensures dimensional stability. A functional fabric was used for the underside, which removes moisture more quickly. The saddle rack is available in Shetty, Pony Versatility and Dressage sizes. Optimally combinable with the other products of the Pony Dream collection.
Manufacturer: HKM