Shires Velociti Ergonomic Curved Flash Bridle (RRP £114.99)
Velociti Ergonomic Curved Flash Bridle (RRP £114.99)
The Velociti Ergonomic 'Curved' Flash Bridle from Shires offers the horse a greater sense of freedom and allows for improved communication. The curved noseband relieves compression from the cheekbones, jaw and sensitive nerve endings. The padded integrated noseband and flash strap give a greater spread of pressure creating a less restricted feeling for the horse.

Features Include:

Freedom Fit headpiece with poll gap and cutaway ear profile designed to relieve pressure.

Soft leather combined with generous, anti-shock padding on the headpiece.

Comes with signature Velociti reins for flexible, assured grip.

Unique flash position inhibits bit evasion without restriction.

Elegant profile due to sleek, angled throatlash.

(Bit not included).

Shires Catalogue Code : 5069
Manufacturer: Shires