HKM Mr Feel Warm Fleece Cooler Rug (RRP £80)
Mr Feel Warm Fleece Cooler Rug (RRP £80)
Mr Feel Warm Infrared Fleece Rug with a proven pain-relieving and analgesic effect. It also Stimulates metabolic function and has an Anti-inflammatory function. This rug is highly insulated and has ceramic fibres to capture the heat

Product Specification:
Up to 5 degrees increased temperature (due to infrared reflection). Breathable and Quick drying. Highly insulated as Ceramic fibres capture the heat. Elastic surcingle stowed in a built-in channel with Metal buckles/clips. Protective padded wither. Tail strap. Extra long sides Antipilling. Promotes well-being with reflecting heat.

Infrared heat has a Proven pain-relieving & analgesic effect. Stimulates metabolic function. Anti-inflammatory function. Infrared heat is ideal for in the stable or after hard work. Ideal for transport. Can speed up the healing process with injury. Can relax the muscles. Improves the blood circulation. Suitable for dryer. Machine washable at 30 degrees 100% Polyester
Manufacturer: HKM

Colour: Black (reset)