Shires Tempest Original Zeb-Tek Fly Combo Rug (RRP £52.99)
Tempest Original Zeb-Tek Fly Combo Rug (RRP £52.99)
Inspired by nature. Informed by science. Scientific research†shows that stripes effectively prevent flies from landing on the horse. The light and airy mesh fly rug does a great job of providing the horse with an effective barrier to flies and bugs whilst still allowing air flow. The breathable fabric blocks 80%* UV radiation which helps prevent sunburn and sun bleaching. Further features: blocks 80%* of UV. Monochromatic technology. Ultra-breathable. Biting insects deterred from landing. Lightweight & airy. Blanket set chest fastenings. Adjustable fillet strap. * Effectiveness may diminish over time. Test carried out in accordance to BS EN 13758-1:2002+A1:2006.

* Leg Boots and Fly Mask Sold Separately *

Shires Catalogue Code : 9323
Manufacturer: Shires

Colour: Zebra Print (shown) (reset)